Why Longspan Shelving is the Best Storage Option for Distribution and Warehousing Facilities

A key component of designing any warehouse or stockroom for businesses is to store merchandise efficiently while minimising the floor footprint. This article discusses why long-span shelving is a great option and has been for many years.

Longspan Shelving is one of the most practical, simple, and user-friendly racking options when it comes to shelving solutions for businesses. It is flexible setup storage that is effective for a wide range of things in different sectors.

Longspan Shelving: What Is It?

A popular hand-loaded shelving option in places like stockrooms and warehouses is long-span shelving. It is normally made of painted, galvanized steel, which is sturdy and long-lasting. The modular shelf system is made of treated steel shelving plates with rounded off corners to ensure a smooth finish facing the picking area, chipboard, timber planks, or steel beams for the construction. This offers a safe, simple-to-pick shelf for handloading and picking.

Usage examples for long-span shelving

Longspan shelving is frequently used for lengthy, enormous, or elusive products due to its adaptable design and unrestrictive construction. Any size item can be loaded into the unrestrictive shelves, including little bundled things like fixtures and fittings or massive items requiring extensive storage space. Longspan would be appropriate if the item can be hand-selected. Shelf partitioning can be used to separate inventory, making SKU organization simple. This racking is used by many eCommerce fulfillment centers where the pick quantities may be low but the SKU counts are large.

Food and beverage facilities are another settings where long-span shelving is advantageous. Snack products, small bottle packs, and cartons are examples of items that can be picked without the use of a forklift or other equipment. Longspan works well when the pick area is accessible and the stock isn’t kept at risky heights. Longspan shelving is also used in situations where the product or inventory volumes frequently change because of its adjustable design, which enables warehouse staff to make changes quickly and easily.

Effectiveness of Design

You can handle a variety of products with the help of long-span industrial shelving, which is an easy and highly adaptable storage option. Because of its clear, uncomplicated layout, pickers have quick access to the things they need, which helps warehouse employees pick items more quickly and more efficiently.

The shelving system’s modular design makes configuration simple. The design options, which are unrestricted in terms of size or shape, guarantee the best possible use of floor space and pick-routes in the warehouse. The productivity and safety of the picker are directly impacted by this.

Cost-effectiveness of storage

Although long-span shelving takes an initial investment, once it is installed, you will have a system that costs relatively little to maintain. Shelving is adaptable and inexpensive enough for business owners to afford if you are growing or intend to increase usage.

Despite the initial setup, a well-designed system maximizes storage capacity. Compared to other shelving systems, which alternative racking solutions may accomplish for the same initial outlay, the initial cost to businesses is far lower.

Maintenance and robustness of the shelving

Steel that has been fabricated is used for the shelving structure since it is dependable and hygienic. This is so that steel can withstand the heavy demands that a warehouse working environment places on it. Additionally, the beams of today’s long-span shelving are built without using any bolts, which increases the construction’s endurance because there are no fixtures and fittings to rust or break. This minimizes maintenance time and costs while keeping the shelving system safer.

The racking system is perfect for food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries and distribution centers, storing items safely and in good condition. It is also simple to clean and sanitize for routine maintenance.

Longspan shelving is a great choice to store a wide variety of goods when setting up your warehouse or stockroom. This warehouse shelving stalwart’s straightforward yet secure and versatile design should undoubtedly be taken into account, whether of whether your organization is a 24/7 operation or a tiny business just getting started.

Putting Your Long-Span Shelving Together

The possibility to cut costs while assembling their new shelves is a common request for several startups. Longspan shelving is simple to put together and takes only a short amount of time for two people to complete. Here is a brief description of how it works.

1. First, open all of your boxes and divide the uprights, beams, and shelves into their three parts.
2. The beams should then be split into two groups of four. A group should be on your right and another to your left. When attaching them to the uprights, it is advisable to have them close at hand.

3. Vertical uprights should be raised and placed facing each other with beams at arm’s length.

4. Insert the beam into the outer part while holding the upright with one hand. The other end of the beam should be secured to the opposite upright by your partner as well.

5. Next, repeat the procedure with your second beam, which is located on the other side. To keep the shelving unit solid, you have now added one shelf space. Then, carry out the same procedure on each subsequent beam to add more shelf space.
6. You can insert the shelves to finish the shelving once all the beams are in place.
7. You might want to fasten the shelf unit to the floor for added security, depending on your stock and shelving height.

The end of that. You just finished putting together a single-bay shelving unit.

Given its advantages, long-span shelving is unquestionably the best storage option for warehouses and distribution centers.

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