How to Save Time & Money by Outsourcing Your Contact Management Process

Customer service will be improved, average handle time will be cut, call centre costs will be reduced, retention difficulties will be resolved, and much more!

Call centre managers who prioritise results face numerous challenges every day. There is no shortage of issues to solve in order to make sure their call centres operate without a hitch, from personnel issues to customer service to call centre platform performance.

The fact that all of these performance indicators and KPIs are internally focused is not surprising.

After all, any call centre can manage these factors.

However, for many businesses, the solution to streamlining contact platform administration procedures might be discovered OUTSIDE of their company. To put it another way, outsourcing has a lot to offer contact centres looking to save time and money while still providing excellent client communication and customer service.

Best Productivity = Expert, Outsourced Customer Service

Call centres spend a lot of time on customer service regardless of the company or business sector. But what if your contact centre was equipped with a dependable, ready-to-use customer service framework to manage all the duties involved in providing first-rate customer support?

One example is that your inbound call centres might put more of an emphasis on developing vital first-contact connections with your customers, from goods and services to reservations and other things.

Any call centre that decides to outsource customer care is taking a major step. 100% customer happiness is the primary objective of customer service, and giving up control of this function presents a number of difficulties.

However, by utilising our specialised, turnkey communication solutions and having a reliable partner like TeleDirect on your side, we guarantee that your customer service KPIs surpass expectations. It all comes down to setting mutually compatible priorities with your outsourcing provider. The business process outsourcing (BPO) services provided by TeleDirect, including customer support, have a track record of success. For instance, our client retention technology helps you prospect for promising and ultimately profitable business relationships while retaining long-term clients.

Why it Makes Sense to Outsource Your Call Center Customer Service for Lower Business Costs and a Better Bottom Line

Streamlined revenue generation is a given with an efficient, user-friendly outsourced call centre operation. Recently, one business decided to outsource customer service management, and as a result, they saw a tenfold boost in sales, as well as exponential growth in their sales, leads and lead cost structure.

Beyond just increasing productivity, outsourcing the administration of your call centre has the additional benefit of costing your company or nonprofit very little money.

How does outsourcing help your call centre save money?

.Employee workstations are not required.

Your expense margins will be significantly impacted by computers, office supplies, and related support services for on-site agents. The management of call centres is outsourced, which makes customer service both economical and effective.

improved services.

improved services.

Don’t undervalue the importance of a reputable, professional outsourced call centre being able to “strike the ground running.” You can still handle all of your client communication demands when you have well-trained personnel at your disposal – one of the main features of TeleDirect’s contact centre platform.

Shorten the typical handle time.

A significant advantage of outsourcing customer service is a reduction in call handling time. The front line of your customer satisfaction KPIs for your clients begins with competent, well-informed agents who can respond to inquiries, offer information, schedule appointments, and more. You lose money when your average handling time is too long simply because your call centre must spend more time on customer support rather than other things that generate revenue. When you don’t have a strategy in place to manage calls and other customer service chores, your clients will know. Your customer service KPIs increase right away with a shorter average handle time!

actionable intelligence that is timely.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your call centre customer service architecture included market research? With TeleDirect, we are able to provide you with current, useful industry and sector data, empowering your business to go forward with the best decisions possible.

Find Out How Outsourcing Customer Service Can Save You Time and Money: Call TeleDirect Right Away!

With TeleDirect’s outsourced call centre management service, you have the flexibility and strength, personalised applications you need to regain control over your client communication needs while also cutting down on average call handling time.

Fill out our customer contact form and one of our customer service specialists will contact you right away to help you get your contact centre back on track or if you need a start-from-scratch solution right now. You can phone (800) 776-1081 to get in touch with us immediately. We appreciate you thinking of using TeleDirect to handle your outsourced call centre.

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