How to handle haters and trolls

How to handle haters and trolls

“Learn to use criticism as fuel, and you will never run out of energy.”

Orrin Woodward

Everyone developing their brand will eventually encounter their first hater or troll, and the more
people are drawn to or view your message, the more haters and trolls there may be.
This can be extremely frustrating and challenging if they criticize you personally or your
business and products, which you invested a lot of time, energy, and emotion into.
It is crucial to know the many approaches to handle them in the best way for your brand. So
without further wait, let’s get started.

1. Avoid isolation

One of the top ways to handle haters and trolls is to ask your fellows how they handled the
criticism. Most of them have dealt with haters, trolls, or at the very least negative comments and

2. Be kind to them

Most of your critics have specific grievances against you that have nothing to do with you.
Therefore, being kind, understanding, and patient with them may enable them to change their
perspectives and lives. It also helps to forge a connection between you, your brand, and the

3. Block them

It may be a good idea to block somebody from your page if you consistently receive the same
comments and messages from them. In this manner, if they visit your page directly, they won’t
see your new postings and won’t be able to respond to anything.

4. Ensure they feel heard.

We have discovered that acknowledging trolls, thanking them for their comments, and letting
them know they’ve been heard is the best action. Use the most diplomatic, persuasive words
you can manage. Like any bully, a troll will usually cease being unpleasant if they feel like they
are suddenly being heard.

5. Do not feed the trolls.

There is a distinction between a consumer complaint and an aggressive internet troll or hater. It
is always important to recognize and respond to complaints. A troll exists to stir up rage. Don’t
give them the treat they are looking for! Humor works best a lot of the time since it makes your
community smile when you succeed. Consider a gracious remark or none if it isn’t your
strongest suit. Your caring community is already aware of who the bigger person is. Display it or
remain silent.

6. Restrict the haters or trollers.

All social media sites, like Instagram, offer restriction features. With this help, only you and the
a person whose account has been restricted will be able to see the comments, not the other
people on social media.

7. Delete the comments

The best and easiest way to shut the mouth of the haters and trollers is to delete their
comments. All the social media platforms give you the authority to manage your account and
social media pages.

8. Do not hide from them.

Another way to handle trolls and haters is to fight back instead of hiring them. As this will let
your critics win over you. The negative comments are indications that readers love your work.
Although not everyone may like your writing, you have a special viewpoint to share with the

9. Keep an open mind

Be tough and stop thinking about what others think or say about you. Although it can be
hazardous, the tactic has emotional benefits. However, having tough skin can make you
immune to criticism and the support of others. Instead, use your criticism and your power to
come back stronger by bringing something more unique and valuable.

10. Let them wait

Let the haters and the offensive comments wait for your response. Give it a day to reflect.
It’s a normal instinct to want to respond and defend yourself. But if you take the time to consider
the issue and formulate a sensible response, you not only frustrate the person trying to provoke
an argument with you but also come across as a composed, diplomatic professional who is
informed and sure of their opinions.

11. Do not argue with them.

Never argue with them to show the world that you are not like them. Your mental compatibility
should not be matched with the haters or critics. You can only argue till a specific period; let
your supporters do the rest. This is another way you can handle trolls or haters.

12. Treat them professionally

Accepting and thanking internet trolls and haters is the best response. Why? Because it
indicates that you’ve made an impact on individuals. One troll commenting on your article or
blog post is all it takes to cause trouble. Your company’s name and website could become well-
known and be covered by print and internet media. Trolls should be dealt with professionally,
and you should enjoy the possibility that they will assist you and your company in advance.

13. Be optimistic

Decide to have a more optimistic outlook on the world. Refuse to surrender to hatred. Keep in
mind that most of our darkest concerns are unfounded. People rapidly forget negative things
and remember positive things.

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As Sahil Bloom says,
“The most persuasive people don’t argue more — they observe, listen, and ask questions.
Persuasion is an art that requires a paintbrush, not a sledgehammer.”

Why do the haters and trolls hate you?

Haters hate, and trolls troll for a variety of reasons. Others want to watch the world burn while
others are in anguish, just trying to gain attention, or are seeing something in you that they
would like to be. All of the things they say reveal much more about the haters than they do
about you.
Unless you did something that contradicted your brand’s basic beliefs, it usually has little to do
with you or your brand. Therefore, the greatest thing you can do to maintain your sanity and
show your strength is to avoid becoming involved in their drama and to remain professional and

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The Bottom Line

You must learn how to handle haters, trolls, and critics to accomplish anything significant in life,
generate money online, or achieve success online. The thirteen ways discussed above can be
your savior throughout your troll joinery. So be strong and keep fighting!

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