How To Be Confident in Interviews

How To Be Confident in Interviews

You’ve been rewarded with a golden ticket—an interview—after the drawn-out, tedious process
of looking for new jobs. Even though it’s normal to experience worry during an interview, get to
know ways to boost your confidence. While showing the interviewer or hiring manager that you
are confident, leave a positive impression. This article will tell you how to be confident in

Ways to be confident in interviews

Typewritten are the ways you can be confident during one of the difficult phases of life It is a
job interview.

1- Make eye contact while giving an interview.

One of the most important characteristics to develop if you want to boost your confidence in any
interview is the ability to maintain eye contact. Practice maintaining eye contact when speaking
and listening to end confidence. Focusing on a point between the interviewer’s eyes will help
you remember to maintain eye contact throughout the interview.
You want to avoid appearing creepy by focusing intently on maintaining eye contact. So
remember to take regular breaks, like occasionally looking down at your resume.

2- Use breathing techniques

According to Wood, relaxation is the foundation of confidence; thus, practicing mindfulness and
deep breathing can be beneficial. Gelong Thubten, a mindfulness instructor, advises calming
nerves before interviews by concentrating on breathing.
According to business psychologist Dr. Sarah Connell, when stressed, blood flows out from our
brains because we are in “flight or fight” mode, which might impair our cognitive abilities.
Therefore, deep breathing will help you boost your confidence and restore oxygen.

3- Do your homework

It’s normal to feel anxious during a job interview, regardless of how many you’ve had. Planning
is one of the best methods to overcome this anxiety. In any interview, you may be asked
questions about the company’s past and the job you’re pursuing. Additionally, you’ll probably be

questioned about what qualifies you for the position and how it aligns with your professional
So, practice your responses to these and other similar questions before your interview, keeping
in mind that the goal is not to memorize your answers but to hone the broad ideas and concepts
you’ll convey.

4- Don’t fidget

Maintain your position while making deliberate, slow motions. When holding a pen or piece of
paper, try not to fidget. Please refrain from tapping your fists or feet.
It’s fine to make gestures and show emotion when speaking. Being enthusiastic throughout
most interviews is a good idea. However, keep your hands still when you should be paying

5- Make the first move

Making the first step in an interview is essential and one of the most important methods to show
confidence. Be the first to offer for a handshake. According to the jobs website, you
should shake the interviewer’s hand firmly while grinning and making eye contact with him.
In addition to making you appear friendly, smiling also makes you feel more at ease. Make eye
contact, say hello, and use the interviewer’s name while shaking hands.

6- Be yourself

Another important way of being confident during the interview is by being yourself. You’ll feel
confident and assured when you don’t strive to be someone you’re not. Being yourself is also
necessary since you want to avoid getting employed based on a false impression and then
having unrealistic expectations placed on you.
If you enjoy that eccentric coat and it falls within the parameters of an appropriate interview
dress, wear it since your distinctive sense of style might help you succeed.

7- Imagine yourself succeeding

Your confidence and self-esteem will increase if you visualize yourself succeeding in a future
job interview. Before you go in, start imagining a good interview: visualize how you enter the

room, shake the interviewer’s hand, and answer the question confidently advises Margaret Buj,
interview coach and author of Land That Job!
It should help if you are convinced that you are the best one for the position.

8- Answer your questions in a calming way.

Confidently respond to interview questions, which entails refraining from rushing, speaking too
hastily, or blurting out your responses. You’ll be more assured when speaking to the interviewer
if you maintain a slow pace. Nervous people tend to speak more quickly.
Confident people take their time and don’t hesitate to respond, “That’s a fantastic question; let
me think about it for a minute.” After the interviewer asks a question, it’s a good idea to pause
for one or two seconds to gather your thoughts.

9- Be ready with examples.

The other applicants probably have skill sets that are similar to yours. According to Cheryl Hyatt,
cofounder of Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search, make yourself stand out by providing examples of
when you’ve applied those skills.
Just Consider the statement that did you really enhance sales by $5 or $5,000? Know the numbers and
give specific instances. Examine the job description and consider what you can add to the
company that others can’t.

10- Avoid rambling

Do not ramble or do vague responses if you want to be confident and stand out in your interview. Interviewers look for a concise, direct response to their
questions. What can you bring to the company?” they might ask as an example. Name two to
three of your best skills. Concentrate on your greatest assets instead of listing ten different
Talking excessively at an interview can indicate a lack of confidence and cost you the job.
Therefore, when the interviewer poses a challenging or complex question, take a moment to
gather your thoughts and decide which two to three key topics to emphasize.

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Closing Thought

Giving a job interview and facing the hiring manager is one of the most nervous stages of life. It
is normal to be anxious, but a few tricks can help you boost your confidence during job
interviews. Follow these tips and be as confident as you can while appearing for a job interview.

Best of luck!

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