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Print advertising

Print advertising

Suitable for:   Medium to large organizations.


What is it?

Print advertising means advertisements that are printed in text in publications (newspapers, magazines, journals) likely to be read by your audience.



If you purchase a billboard during a magazine with an enormous circulation, you increase the likelihood that you simply will reach a good audience.

Also, you'll choose from daily newspapers or monthly or quarterly magazines, counting on your audience and their reading habits.


·        Print adverts are usually expensive but if you've got a media partnership you'll negotiate better rates.

·        Be aware that the foremost desired pages (covers or right-side pages) also are the foremost expensive.

·        Target the foremost appropriate publications

·        Think carefully about which newspaper/magazine you would like to put the advert in.

·        Think about your audience and therefore the publications they're presumably to read and chose the publication accordingly:

·        For example, if you're trying to succeed in the overall public a national newspaper would be most relevant.

Whereas if you're targeting Occupational Health & Safety managers, you ought to place your ad within the appropriate specialist publications.

Visual design

First choose the general look and feel of your campaign (such as logo, claim, color scheme etc.). the target is to stay an equivalent visual identity throughout all of the campaign materials.

You want to form sure that each time someone sees information about your campaign, they're going to be ready to recognize it in several formats.

Your visual design should attract readers’ attention. It also must tie in together with your message. The headline alone should give all the knowledge required. In many cases, this is often all people will read.

Underlying concept:

An advertisement must have an idea . this might be an ingenious image or attending- grabbing title that underlines your message and can attract the viewer’s attention.


Content and layout:

·        Be aware of the text space and size on your advert and the way it relates to your ad size. If you've got 1 / 4 page advert during a magazine, you would like to require extra care to form sure your headline is visible. Keep the body copy short, typically no quite 200 words.

·        Incorporate a ‘call to action’ – tell readers what you would like them to try to  . This will either be during a headline or at the top of the advert.

·        Always include details of where to urge more information. Direct people to the relevant website.

·        If you're using pictures, confirm you employ them at the acceptable resolution. A pixelated image reflects badly on your organization. Confirm that you simply have photo rights and acknowledge (credit) the photographer if needed.

External resources:

If you're serious about your investment within the print advertising medium you ought to probably enlist the assistance of a Communications/Advertising agency to assist you develop your print ad concept.

Broadcast Advertising:

Suitable for:    large organizations.

Most common methods of broadcasting advertisement methods are advertising on TV, Radio and internet. The commercials aired on radio and televisions are an important a part of broadcast advertising.

The broadcast media like radio and tv reaches a wider audience as against the medium. The radio and TV commercials fall into the category of mass marketing because the national also as global audiences are often reached through it.


The role of broadcast advertising is to influence consumers about the advantages of the merchandise. It’s considered as a really effective medium of advertising the value of advertising on this channel depends on the time of the commercial and therefore the specific time at which it's aired. for instance , the value of a billboard within the premium slot are going to be greater than in the other slot.


Broadcast Advertising:

A radio ad must be runs several times before it actually sinks within the minds of the consumers. Thus the frequency of the ad is vital. The sort of your audience is additionally important. Therefore, one must do a search on which sort of audience listens to which channels if they need the ads to achieve success. The voice talent within the commercial should be taken keeping in mind the sort of audience and therefore the sort of commercial.


The television advertising is typically considered the advertising for the company giant, though even the tiny businesses can enjoy it. a robust audio and video combination may be a must for the success of the commercial. But it's also important that the audio and video should function well without one another, for instance, if an individual isn't viewing the TV but just taking note of it, s/he should get the thought and the other way around.


It is extremely important that whatever has been advertised within the commercial is true. For this reason, organizations like Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are there to watch the commercials on television and radio. This ensures that the advertisers aren't making any false claims to lure consumers to shop for their products.


Most of the radio and TV advertisements are paid though there are some public service ads which may be aired for free of charge. The advertisers usually need to buy the spot which lasts for 30 seconds. In few cases, this advertisement can increase up to 60 seconds too.


These days’ radio and TV ads are prepared by advertising agencies for his or her clients. They understand the necessity of the client and make the commercial keeping in mind the present state of affairs. Broadcast advertising has become a really essential a part of marketing in recent times. Companies allocate specific allow radio and TV ads and make an estimate of what proportion revenue they will earn through broadcast advertising. for instance , marketing consultants are hired to work out the return on investment (ROI) for spending on radio and TV ads. Sometimes the marketing consultants of those businesses run sample ads to engage its popularity among the viewers. Internet or online advertising uses the web or the planet Wide Web for the aim of attracting consumers to shop for their product and services. Samples of such advertising include ads on program result pages, rich media ads, banner ads, social network advertising, and email marketing then on. Online advertising has its benefits, one among them being immediate publishing of the commercial and therefore the availability of the commercial to a worldwide audience. But alongside the advantages come the disadvantages too. Lately, advertisers put distracting flashing banners or send across email spam messages to the people on a mass scale. This will annoy the consumers and even the important ads might get ignored within the process. Therefore, ethics in advertising is extremely important for it to achieve success.

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