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Computer Training


Computer Training Business


A computer is a device which is running under the command of instructions keep in its own memory which may accept data (input), process the info with specified rules, produce output, and keep the knowledge for future use. Some people are naturally computer-savvy, while others find a challenge in everything computer-related. If you're within the primary group and have extensive experience with computers and various computer software, a computer home-based business might be an honest small business idea for you.

There are many options for getting starting with a computer training business. you'll train others on using both Windows and Macintosh operating systems otherwise you'll train people on the because of use specific applications. you'll provide computer training classes for several people directly otherwise you'll train people on a personal basis.




Computers are now a fact of life. Computers have generated a really effective data system to assist smooth the management of a corporation. This makes it how needed tool for each business, banking, government, entertainment, lifestyle, industry, education, and administration. It is often said of all large organizations, whether the department government or private, use a computer for a selection of their daily business and it's the fastest growing industries within the planet today. Each organization usually has one or more large computer systems and sort of microcomputer. The system could even be a powerful computer for processing tasks, while many small microcomputers to use as processing. Computers became a neighbourhood of our lives is critical. generally, the utilization of computers is often divided into several groups.


Why Computer Training?


Do you skills to use a computer? Basic knowledge about employing a computer can lead you to a recession-proof job as a computer trainer. you'll work from home and earn easy money by starting your own computer training business. The turbulent economy has caused people of all ages to start out is trying to hunt out ways to strengthen their professional skill sets. Turn your own knowledge of computers into easy money while you're employed from home as a computer trainer.

There are several approaches that you simply can fancy start a computer training business. you'd possibly like better to work one-on-one with students in your house. Or, you'd possibly partner with community centres, libraries, vocational schools, or oldster programs to provide group classes at different sites in your local area. regardless of which approach you decide on, teaching processing skills, internet skills and email skills could even be an honest because of form easy money.

As a computer trainer, you'll help people learn important skills that they are getting to take into the workplace. in conjunction in conjunction with your computer training services, you'd possibly add on additional perks like creating resumes and canopy letters for job seekers. this is often on, often on, often a completely recession-proof business concept can yield great profits.

Skills Required: Advanced understanding of computers, teaching and organization abilities.





Before stepping forward we consider the pros and cons, also as resources with points for starting your computer training business.

·       The Pros

With the right experience, a computer training business are often a strong option for somebody looking to start out on a business. There is a broad range of potential clients. One-on-one clients might include folks that want to urge more use and efficiency out of their home computers, or they might include small business owners looking to master software programs like Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, or WordPress. Larger business clients might want to inaugurate knowledgeable to means staff on hardware or software upgrades.

While you'll work one-on-one with clients, you furthermore may can supplement your income—and gain additional contacts—by offering classes either through local shops that sell hardware and software or through your area people centre.

Pay is often relatively lucrative. Payscale.com reports that software trainers can earn between about $40,000 and $80,000 once a year. Overhead is often kept to a minimum by understanding of a headquarters. If pursuing partnerships with area stores to supply training classes, you furthermore may could be ready to compute of that location for a limited number of hours at a reduced rate.


·       The Cons


Before getting started, confirm you are taking time to believe quite the challenges which can accompany a computer training business so you're prepared. Teaching isn't for everybody. regardless of what proportion knowledge or expertise you've with computers, you'd wish to possess the people skills and patience necessary to transfer that knowledge to others who won't grasp the concepts also as you're doing.

The necessary software and equipment are often expensive. Changes in technology happen fast, and to wish care of the expertise you'd wish to understand success in training others on computers, you'd wish to possess state-of-the-art hardware with all of the foremost recent versions of the software. The prevalence of mobile computing means includes phones and tablets also.

Establishing a client base takes many a while and diligence. Expect to place during many hours early simply trying to recruit potential clients. If offering group classes with the hope of attracting potential clients, you'd possibly need to consider reduced rates or maybe free classes so on determine a reputation as someone individuals and businesses will want to rent.










Start-up Costs: $2,000 - $10,000

Home Based: are often operated from home.

Part Time: are often operated part-time.

Franchises Available? Yes

Online Operation? Yes

Computers and computer programs are among the foremost wonderful tools available--as long as you recognize the due to use them. If you're doing not, you quickly learn truth meaning of frustration. And let's face it: Most programs--despite what the blurb on the rear of the box may say--are not cuddly. Which leaves many would-be computer users, especially businesspeople, floundering instead of working successfully. But if you're intimately conversant in one or more software packages, then you'll transform the virtually flummoxed into virtual wizards (or a minimum of computer-savvy souls) with a computer-training business. this is often not, often a hot field--according to the International Data Corporation, the worldwide marketplace for technical computer training is nearing the $28 billion mark, with an annual avg of $8,200 spent for knowledge systems staff training and $3,000 per person spent on staff practicing. You'll consider the software program or programs you recognize best; during a field you're familiar with like law or medicine; or, if you've a broad base of software smarts, you will be a computer G.P., training clients during an enormous quite programs and packages. and you'll work one-on-one with individual clients--from tots to seniors--or train a roomful of employees at a time for companies. the benefits to the present business are that you're out and about, working with many different people; helping folks overcome computer-phobia is usually rewarding; and since you've to stay up with ever-changing technology and software updates, you've the only excuse within the world for purchasing new computer goodies on every day to day. you would like to understand inside and out a minimum of 1 software package, commonly employed by the mass computer market or by a specific industry. But it isn't enough to be a software egghead--you'll also need the facility to talk your knowledge to others. Other must-haves are the patience to help clients conquer computer-phobia and thus the communication skills to transfer your enthusiasm and techniques to your pupils.


The Market


Your clients are often private individuals or corporate types who want to form their employee’s computer-literate. to urge the business from private parties, establish relationships with computer retailers and ask them to refer customers to you. (Be sure to leave a stack of business cards for them handy out.) Place ads in local newspapers and thus the phonebook. Solicit companies through direct-mail campaigns and network at professional and trade organizations. Place ads in industry journals. Another excellent technique is to urge certified or licensed from software manufacturers or vendors who will then refer customers to you. (Sometimes there is a fee involved for getting certified).


Needed Equipment

You'll need your own computer and up-to-date versions of the software you'll teach, in conjunction with an honest word-processing or desktop-publishing program, and--naturally--an inkjet or printer, so you'll spin training materials. to travel with this, you will be wanting a desktop projector and a laser pointer so a classroom of clients can see what you're doing.




You can start giving services in the following phases. XYZ (Your Organization) will offer subsequent training and assessment services. Each element of service is getting to be implemented in overlapping phases.




Microsoft Office®-based computer training including the following:

1. processing Software

2. PowerPoint Presentation Software

3. Access Database/Customer Records Software

4. Excel Spreadsheet/Invoicing Software

5. Publisher Desktop Publishing/Graphics Software

6. Outlook E-Mail/Calendar/Scheduling Software

7. FrontPage website Development (coming soon)

8. Internet Online Technology




The Occupational Skills Assessments are for subsequent areas:

Office Skills Testing

• Receptionist

• Secretarial

• Telephone

• Customer Service

Call Centre Testing

• Telemarketing

• Data Entry

• Data Analysis

Computer Literacy Testing




Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) Certification Testing


Payment Methods


Class tuition payments must be paid to XYZ fully, before the scholar can take a category. XYZ will offer several payment options to the scholar such as: Visa, MasterCard, money orders, and private checks.


Service Description


We will provide core curriculum designed to show individuals from basic computer skills to certification competencies. Students are becoming to be retained through Step-Level Based Training indicated below:

• Basic/Level 1 —consists of scholars who have had little or no computer training.

• Advanced/Level 2 —consists of scholars who have had at-home or on-the-job experience with the bulk of software packages.

• Intermediate/Level 3 —consists of certification training of scholars in preparation for the Microsoft Office User Specialist Certification Test.

• Microsoft Office User Specialist Program—XYZ could also be a component of the Micro Share family of Authorized Test Centres (ATCs) that administer and offer assessment tests for the Microsoft Office® User Specialist (MOUS) program. About 90% of the Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Office products. An ever-increasing number of people in these companies attempt to hunt down ways to provide themselves a competitive edge to manoeuvre up the career ladder.

• As an ATC, we've the prospect to provide our customers this competitive edge by helping them prove their expertise and skill in using Microsoft Office products. When passing or failing the test the scholar will receive a printout stating the results of the exam to wish with them. If the scholar has passed the test, they're getting to receive a Certification certificate within the mail 2-4 weeks later.


Microsoft Office User Specialist Certification Test


The test consists of truly taking the exam to become a Microsoft Office User Specialist. This certification will give the scholar the credentials needed to prove that the scholar knows the because of use Microsoft Office Applications efficiently and productively.

XYZ believes that assessing a customer before and after a category will give us the important value of our training. XYZ also will follow up 30 days after the training to work out if the scholar actually retained what was learned and if the scholar was ready to apply the talents in their current environment.

XYZ also believes in assessing our own staff. we'll conduct ongoing Skill Level Needs Assessments of our own employees across the middle, aimed toward making computer training more strategic and providing computer training that has more of a business impact. we'll continually seek to be effective for future student and business needs. Our key focus is to utilize our program outcomes to strengthen and increase our computer training effectiveness within the workplace.


XYZ Company Assessment Program


XYZ will provide an assessment service to local businesses as their pre-interviewing process. there'll be a fee attached to this service. The assessment appointment is getting to be by the company which they are going to supply instructions on our location, etc. XYZ will only do business transactions with the corporate.



Training Schedule


The typical computer training class will run 2 hours, twice hebdomadally, for four weeks or a whole of 16 hours of coaching. Our capacity for weekly classes, for one month, would be a whole of 72 students.

The workshops are at some point, eight-hour classes. These classes are meshed towards the individual wanting to brush up or learn a skill easily without the long-term commitment.

The computer training classes are getting to be scheduled as listed below. the precise subject of the category won't be established until we receive customer response to advertising and promotions.


Tentative Class Schedule


Ø Technology

Enhanced Occupations Centre will maintain the foremost recent Windows® capabilities including:

1. Complete e-mail facilities on the web, for working with students directly through e-mail delivery of schedules and knowledge.

2. Complete presentation provision for preparation and dispatch of multimedia presentations on Windows machines, in formats that include on-disk presentation, live presentation, or video presentation.

3. Complete publication facilities for delivery of normal advertising and promotional materials.


Ø Future Services


XYZ will add these products and services within the near future:

Secretarial Training Classes —The student will study daily routines, telephone usage, mail services and shipping, travel arrangements, keeping accurate records, office machines, telecommunications equipment, computer systems, management systems, computer communications, computerized spreadsheets software, data security, processing , computer terms, writing business letters & other written communications, sorts of address, legal documents and terms, correct English usage, spelling, pronunciation, punctuation, numerals, bookkeeping and accounting, business and private taxes, banking, special business and financial information for the tiny business secretary, and career advancement.

Retail Self-paced Learning manuals —The student is getting to be able to order or purchase outright, computer workbooks to use as added supplements.

Senior Citizens Classes —Seniors are getting to be picked up at their location and delivered to the centre for two hours to hunt out centre the basics of employing a computer. These students won't be ready to keep materials. This service is getting to be at a senior discounted rate.

Web Page Design Classes —The student will learn the basics of the due to design an internet page. This class are becoming to be a 2–8-hour class and should have a fee of $135 tuition and $20 for the book.

Computer Question/Help desk —This service will only be available to current students who have computer questions related or not related to the subject they're currently studying.




To achieve offering computer training services, you'd wish to possess a strong working knowledge of varied computer applications. Teaching experience and/or leadership skills also are helpful for this business idea.


Start-up Expenses: $100


As long as you've a computer that you simply Start-up simply can use to figure from home, the expenses related to starting a part-time computer training business are minimal. Finding students would require you to undertake to Start-up some basic advertising. you'll also invest a quick time and gas driving around town and making connections with community centres, libraries, vocational schools, etc.


Monthly Revenues: $800 – $2000 per month


Offering part-time computer training services will bring about easy money for you. Because people are continually trying to hunt out ways to hunt out centres new skills and acquire better jobs, this recession-proof business can earn you $2,000 or more monthly.


Monthly Expenses: $25-75

You will be got to continue advertising in your community, but this might be done on free boards and free websites. the sole cost you'll incur is perhaps going the cash spent on gas if you decide on to visit different sites rather than work from home.


Time to interrupt Even: 1 month


In just one month, you'll start earning profits and easy money as a computer trainer. Whether you're employed from home or out in the community, this recession-proof business idea will allow you to urge ahead within the very first month.

If you've enough computer knowledge, then you'll start teaching others the due to succeed as a computer trainer. Turn your technological abilities and knowledge into easy money in no time with this stimulating part-time business idea.




In the upcoming years, almost every household will have a computer and most businesses are becoming to be utilizing a computer for one reason or another. Computer training won't be a choice—it is getting to be a requirement. XYZ is becoming to be established as a well-known organization, already serving the training needs of employment candidates and businesses.

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