10 Small Business Ideas for Introverts

Being an introvert is exciting as you spend most of your time with yourself and enjoy it. But sometimes it gets really hard for you to find a better way of making money being a lonely person. You’ll have to deal with people for your business. But you don’t like to spend your time with people. And it could be a problem a few years ago, but now things are quite different. As there are a number of options available right now in form of digital marketing, freelancing, and other online business, you don’t need to be worried about your career anymore being an introvert.

Here in this article, we have mentioned the 10 small business ideas for introverts that you can start right away. The learning process is also really simple. Watch online tutorials or buy courses from Udemy or Skillshare, and start building your skills in a specific field.

1- Be a Writer

Being a writer is pretty easy for introverts because they already have the experience to observe and analyze things being quiet. If you are an introvert. You can become a very good writer. You can write self-help books, articles, book summaries, or web content. And to get hired being a writer you can join online platforms like Fiver, Upwork, and LinkedIn.

2- Start Youtube

Youtube is one of the easiest and no-investment online business ideas. Now everyone is using youtube being a user and content creator as well. There are millions of content creators on Youtube and thousands of them are making millions. And you could also be one of those. If you have an interest in a specific thing and can talk about it, then you can simply create your own youtube channel.

Choose one niche of your interest and start making your content in an informative and interesting way that would engage more people with you and your content.

3- Freelancing

You might have heard about the term “freelancing” a lot of times in your life because it’s quite a common thing now. By the time I’m writing this post, there are 70 Million Freelancers alone in the US. There is great potential in freelancing. You can help people in editing their videos, doing their graphics designing work, or writing interesting articles.

And to be a good freelancer, start learning about a specific thing and get experience through free tasks and projects. And then start charging people for your services.

4- Web Development

Web Development requires great concentration, time, and skills. Being a web developer is every person dream, who is an introverts and wants to work alone. You can work on different web projects to make money, which you can get on Fiver, Freelancer, and Upwork websites.

5- ECommerce Store

ECommerce is one of the best business ideas for introverts. So don’t make things hard for you and start your own online store. You can create your own store if you know a little bit about web development and WordPress. Otherwise, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay would make it much easier for you.

6- Create Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Development is also a technical job. You’ll have to learn some coding, software, and a few languages to build a stunning mobile app. You can link your mobile apps to your AdMob account and start making passive income through them.

And if you don’t want to build your own app business, you can work with other developers to help them in coding. You can get those developers on LinkedIn and Job posting sites.

7- Blogging Business

Blogging is also one of the best options for introverts as you are not required to deal with any person face to face. You are simply writing stuff and people are reading and watching ads on it and you are getting profit in return. Besides display ads, there are different other options too to monetize your blog.

  • 1- Affiliate Marketing
  • 2- Paid Content
  • 3- Personalized Services
  • 4- Special Features

8- Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a low investment Ecommerce Business idea, where you don’t need to keep stock or buy products in bulk. Just Buy a single product and sell it to your customer. You can do it at Walmart, Sam Club, or Alibaba. Get your customers with the website, Amazon, or Social media store, contact the supplier, and ask them to direct ship the product to your customer’s address. Get money from your customer and give it to your supplier keeping your profit aside.

9- Virtual Assistant

As online businesses are increasing, the demand for online virtual assistants is also increasing. People who are busy with their other businesses are looking to outsource their work by hiring virtual assistants for their stores, websites, and other online businesses. If you can help them with their daily tasks, this could be the best business for you.

10- Become an Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs are introverts, even Elon Musk and Bill Gates are introverts. People who are entrepreneurs don’t like to spend their time at parties or with friends. They work on themselves and try different ways to improve their lives and do something different.

Observe your surroundings, find the need of the market, and start filling them using your knowledge experience, and strategies. It could be anything that you find helpful for people.

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